One of Scotland’s most unspoilt regions for walking

When you‘ve got 1,800 square miles of hills, moorlands, valleys, rocky coastline and secluded coves as well as 1,500 miles of paths to play with, you quickly understand why walking is a popular activity of both locals and visitors to the Scottish Borders.

Combine spectacular views with an abundance of natural wildlife for all to see and you have a seductive mix to tempt you outdoors.

There are a number of long distance routes through the Scottish Borders. Some of the most popular routes include the Southern Upland Way, St Cuthberts Way, John Buchan Way and Borders Abbeys Way. There are however, a number of other notable routes including; The Northern terminus of the Pennine Way (a walk from Derbyshire across the Pennines into Scotland).

Follow the links below to find out more about the most popular routes in the region;


There is no better way to find out about a place than by walking round it. There are local detailed 'Paths Around' booklets for many towns and villages throughout the Scottish Borders, these are available at a nominal cost of £1-2 from Visitor Information centres (Jedburgh VIC telephone 08706 080404) or by phoning 01835 825 060 and speaking to the Ranger Service.

Scottish Borders Council’s Countryside Ranger Service operate a 'Guided Walks' programme all year round, including winter walks. Varying in length and terrain, full details of the Ranger led walks can be found here.

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Remember, when you’re in the outdoors:

  • take personal responsibility for your own actions and act safely;
  • respect people‘s privacy and peace of mind;
  • help land managers and others to work safely and effectively;
  • care for your environment and take you litter home;
  • keep your dog under proper control;
  • take extra care if you‘re organising an event or running a business.

Click here to find out more about your rights and responsibilities when out and about.