There’s a place for everyone in the Scottish Borders

A wide range of residential housing is available for sale or rent across the region, ranging from large country estates, modern townhouses, family homes and rural cottages, to individual apartments for first-time buyers.

With some 32 miles of coastline, many properties can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the sea. There has been significant new house building in many towns and a number of high quality building conversions in stunning rural locations.

The Borders Housing Network is committed to making sure an adequate level of quality affordable housing is available for residents and newcomers too.

The property outlook remains favourable with new, attractive and affordable housing coming on stream to meet market demand. The re-opening of the Borders Railway, scheduled for September 2015, will make Edinburgh more accessible. This means that property in the Borders should continue to increase in value and represent an excellent long-term investment.

Housing Search

Whether you are looking to buy or rent a property, a number of local weekly newspapers have property advertisements:

  • You can also find information about properties through local estate agents and solicitors.

    The Border Solicitors Property Centre (BSPC) publishes the most comprehensive guide to property in the Scottish Borders. This free fortnightly property guide is available from libraries, solicitors' offices and branches of most banks. Full details are also available on the BSPC website.