Modern Apprenticeships

Modern Apprenticeship training helps employees gain invaluable industry recognised accreditations, including SVQs and NVQs.

Skills Development Scotland are happy to help you source vocational training for your employees - in some cases we can contribute to the training costs of a Modern Apprenticeship. In return for your investment, your people will become more capable, efficient and motivated - all of which is good news for your bottom line.

Modern Apprenticeships are available in a number of sectors, with the format of training decided by the appropriate Sector Skills Council Trainees are generally encouraged to progress through the various levels of qualification available, although this isn't the only focus of the vocational training. Modern Apprenticeships also instil in trainees a range of 'soft skills' around communication, teamwork and problem solving, as well as improved numerical and IT skills.

The programme is free to the trainee who must be in employment to participate. The employer contributes towards the training costs - and covers the employee's usual wages - but in return for your investment you will improve productivity, and attract and retain better staff.

For more information on Modern Apprenticeships go to or call the Employer Helpline free on 0800 783 6000.

Did you know...

In September 2013, there was 869 residents of the Scottish Borders involved with modern apprenticeships.

Of these, 198 were starting; 540 in the training process; 131 acheived completion.


People of all ages in the Scottish Borders have been involved with modern apprenticeships:

  • 426 people aged between 16-19 involved with modern apprenticeships
  • 188 people aged between 20-24
  • 255 people aged between 25+