Educational achievement

Education and lifelong learning services in the Borders provides opportunities for individual learning, personal development and leisure for everyone from pre-school children to mature citizens. So there is no doubt that choosing to study in the Borders will ensure you or your family will benefit from first-class learning and teaching resources.

Responsible for the education of almost 18,000 children across the Borders, the state school service is delivered through 9 secondary schools, 63 primary schools (46 with nursery units) and a number of private and voluntary sector nursery providers.

As well as children being entitled to the best learning experience available, as the Scottish Borders has one of the highest average population age in Scotland, the learning and leisure opportunities reflect the needs of the whole community, not just our young people.

Curriculum for Excellence

As part of Scotland’s biggest education reform programme being introduced under the Scottish Government’s Ambitious Excellent Schools Agenda, Scottish Borders is introducing the Curriculum for Excellence - an approach which is designed to create a single framework for the curriculum and assessment of children from the ages of 3-18.